What's Upintheair?

What's Upintheair?

Welcome to our blog What’s Upintheair? Here we interview Upintheair and rEvolver artists and ask them what’s up and many other ridiculous questions.


As some of you may know, it is PUSH festival season. That means it’s time to see some boundary pushing, ground breaking, weird and sometimes downright sexy performances. We thought it was only fitting to interview two of Canada’s brightest boundary pushing talents just in time for their one-night only performance at CLUB PUSH. Adam Lazarus swept into Vancouver and onto the cover of our rEvolver brochure two years ago with his wild show ‘The Art of Building a Bunker’. A show NOWToronto quoted “The chuckles here are rarely easy or comforting, and sometimes the most unsettling ones are the most revealing.” The creation of his latest show ‘Daughter’ (CLUB PUSH Feb.1st 10pm) was a team effort.  Jivesh Parasram is one of Adams co-creators for ‘Daughter’ and also happens to be presenting a show ‘the Only Good Indian’ as part of our 2018 rEvolver festival. Jiv Parasram is an award winning actor/writer/producer and the Artistic Associate of Pandemic Theatre. Here is our interview with this dynamic duo!

“Must-see. Daughter is the scariest show I’ve seen all year, as dangerously engaging (and genuinely funny) as it is brutally visceral.”
- My Entertainment World (Award for Outstanding Solo Performance)

Describe yourselves in the format of a character synopsis.

Adam: Early middle age man, family man, high energy. In work, looks deep into the dark. In life, always looking for the laugh.

 Jiv: A Jiv. 30 years old. Though Appears Older - As though ravaged by time. Appears in a cloud of vape smoke. Like a tool. But still cool.

In what capacity have you worked with Upintheair theatre?

Adam: In 2001, Dan and Dave billeted me during the Vancouver fringe. We watched the towers fall together! I'd say we're bonded for life. In 2011, I acted in a show Tyumen, Then in the Neanderthal Festival. In 2015, they brought my last solo show, The Art of Builiding a Bunker, to the Revolver Festival.

Jiv: The first time officially would be with The Only Good Indian coming up at the rEvolver festival. Otherwise it's been in long drawn out conversations about what's going down in the industry in less formal settings.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a theatre project?

Jiv:  I once had to slide down from the third floor to the ground using a fire escape covered in black ice with a string of sausages wrapped around my neck, then make it around the building for a quick entry behind the audience. Or there was the time I got surrounded by 5 police officers with their hands on their guns... interestingly enough that one was pre-production.

Adam: Every show feels like the craziest. I keep putting myself on this unrelenting line...: From this current show Daughter, back to Darren O'Donnell's [boxhead], where I played the whole show with a box on my head, was vocally modulated to act as a scientist or speak as a God, then I got naked, played with my penis for a long time saying don't look at my penis, then was assaulted by God, and then finally lost my head.


Adam, does Jiv have any hidden talents? Jiv, does Adam have any hidden talents?

Adam: He makes a mean Donair sauce. And he's the nicest person in Canada (but that's not so hidden)

Jiv: He has a mind palace that can index absurd moments and media advertisements spanning multiple generations. That and he is ridiculously supportive, and has a talent for building up everyone around him.

If you could only use one prop for every single show you do from now on, what would it be?

Adam: A glass of water

Jiv: Well, a laptop is pretty excellent because it's so versatile. But also a hot plate would be good if it implied that I could cook in all the shows I do.

Jiv, as Adam’s co-creator for the show ‘Daughter’ what’s one thing you will remind him on opening night?

As one of the team, with Melissa D'Agostino and Ann-Marie Kerr, I think the one thing to remind him of is about the importance of the work we're doing, no matter how rough it feels from the inside, and to take the time he needs after the show to step out of that headspace.

Adam, in one word, tell us what Jiv is like as a co-creator?

A laser.


Seeing as how one of Upintheair Theatre's mandate involves supporting the next generation of theatre makers, what advice would you give to an emerging artist living in Canada?

Adam: Keep going and going and going and going. Don't work as much as you work. As much as possible, get out of Canada to work, study and travel.

Jiv: Look around you and ask yourself who is being left out, left behind, or not given a place at the table. Then assess how that impacts you, and consider truthfully what you want to do about that.

What are you both most excited about right now?

Jiv: Disruption.

Adam: The possibility of the world shifting towards more inclusive and empathetic systems, and reading more.

Now finally… What’s Upintheair? Give us the details of your Push Festival show? Juicy details.


Venue The Fox Cabaret (19+) 2321 Main Street, Vancouver

When February 1 65 minutes, no intermission 10:30PM

Tickets Single tickets: $25 Eligible on the PuSh Pass