What's Upintheair with Body So Fluorescent

Amanda Cordner

Amanda Cordner

Opening Thursday May 30th at rEvolver Festival, Body So Fluorescent is a one-woman show, starring Amanda Cordner and co-created with David di Giovanni.

Two friends, Gary and Desiree, retrace their steps from the night before to figure out how it all ended in an explosive fight In their effort to figure out last night’s facts, Gary, a white gay boy, and Desiree, a straight black woman, shift from self to alter-ego, and along the way, are met with stunning revelations.

Described as outrageous story exploring complications of race and sexuality through the lens of a young friendship, performed with virtuosity, and leaving everyone implicated. 

Body So Fluorescent deals head on with the notion of cultural appropriation, both from the vantage point of a black female appropriating white gay culture and also drag culture.

The show was presented earlier this year at Wildside Festival at Centaur Theatre in Montreal. It picked up a number of awards at the Summerworks Festival in Toronto last year, including Outstanding Play; Outstanding Performance; Outstanding Direction; and "Best of the Fest."

Amanda Cordner

Amanda Cordner


“Cordner’s performance is a sheer force of power. I have honestly never seen anything like it… You really need to see this performance to believe it happened.” - Lorenzo Pagnotta, My Entertainment World

“Intricately written in two acts, the details of the night are slowly revealed in a most engaging way.” - NOW MAGAZINE

“Amanda Cordner is brilliant. The show is ferocious and moving” - Bruce McCulloch, Kids in the Hall


David directs, writes, and teaches. Some directing credits include: Learning How to Steal (October 2018) Macbeth in Action (April 2018), Body So Fluorescent (2016-2019), Holy Tranity! at the historic Cafe Cleopatra (June 2013). David completed his MFA in Theatre Directing at York University in 2017 and is currently Director of Education at Shakespeare in Action.


Made her solo-show debut with Body So Fluorescent co-created with David di Giovanni. Her recent work includes: Featherweight (Toronto Fringe), Divine (Summerworks Theatre Festival), Twelfth Night: A Puppet Epic (Shakey-Shake & Friends), Edmond (Storefront), Bitchcraft (Pure Carbon). She is an alumni of York University’s Faculty of Theatre.


Madonnanera is an artistic collaboration invested in creating outrageous and intersectional new work.

After eight years spent living in different cities, high school friends Amanda and David reunited in 2015 to create, Body So Fluorescent. Can’t wait to see what the duo create next!