What's Upintheair with PUSH Festival Artist-in-Residence Aryo Khakpour

The Push Festival has started and that means it’s time for us to highlight a former rEvolver festival alumni as they present their work at the 2019 Push Festival! Aryo Khakpour is a Vancouver based multidisciplinary performer, theatre director and dramaturg. He holds a BFA in Theatre Performance from Simon Fraser University. His most recent performances and collaborations were with Theatre Conspiracy’s Foreign Radical (Canada Hub at Festival Fringe in Edinburgh), Justine Chambers’ Family Dinner (Canada Dance Festival), battery opera’s M/Hotel, Terroir Tours, and Dance Machine. Aryo cofounded The Biting School, which has been presented at Dancing on the Edge Festival, Dance Days Victoria, rEvolver Festival, Dance in Vancouver, and VIDF and PuSh Festival over the past five years. Aryo is interested in the dynamics of power, implications of ideologies, repetition of mythologies, and cultural adaptation. Aryo most recently directed Disagreeable Tales 1.0 and 2.0 (based on a compilation of Christian moral tales), and co-directed Suddenly Slaughter (based on an Iranian play in dialogue with Islamic passion plays). We asked Aryo What’s Upintheair and many other questions! Read on!

Describe yourself in the format of a character synopsis.

Aryo Khakpour is a boy born in Tehran and fantasizes about making epic passion plays to undermine the patriarchy in Vancouver. His hobby is dreaming about pure math.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Being able to make Theatre with the amazing people that I’ve worked with so far.

Aryo Khakpour

Aryo Khakpour

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for the theatre?

Being a shaman in a performance in Vancouver where I spat Port on another person and smoked couple of cigarettes indoors.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I have kind hands...I’m told.

What's one show and/or event in the Vancouver theatre scene you have loved?

So many. So many of the creators are my friends or mentors. I’m grateful for that.

If you could sit down with any theatre artist living or dead and have a long chat, who would you sit down with?

Howard Barker

What is Suddenly Slaughter about?

It’s about desire, envy and maybe martyrdom.

Aryo and Arash Khakpour - Creators of Suddenly Slaughter

Aryo and Arash Khakpour - Creators of Suddenly Slaughter

What do you hope people will feel after seeing Suddenly Slaughter?

I hope they feel the grimy darkness we live in but feel empowered that we’re all in it together.

If you could only use one prop onstage for the rest of your life, what prop would you choose?

A long lock of the beloved’s hair.

Seeing as how one of Upintheair Theatre's mandate involves supporting the next generation of theatre makers, what advice would you give to an emerging artist?

Read. Talk. Read.

Now finally… what’s Upintheair? Give us the details of your show? Juicy details. Date/time/venue/tickets$? Push Festival Show dates and times.

Suddenly Slaughter at the Push Festival

January 25th 8pm | January 26th 2pm & 8pm

Where? Russian Hall

GET TICKETS HERE: https://pushfestival.ca/shows/festival-2019/suddenly-slaughter/


Suddenly Slaughter : Photo credit: Angel Lynne

Suddenly Slaughter : Photo credit: Angel Lynne