Upintheair Theatre Presents a Reading of Michelle Deines' Adaptation


“Whether Orlando was most man or woman, it is difficult to say.” – from Orlando, A Biography.  

The novel Orlando, A Biography was written in 1927 by Virginia Woolf, and is part fantasy, part satire, part mock history, and part inquiry into the nature of gender.  The central character, a young lord named Orlando, begins life as a male, and inexplicably remains alive through centuries, and then—equally inexplicablly—changes into a woman.  The novel was written in a heat of inspiration in 1927:  Woolf wrote in her diary, “My own lyric vein is to be satirized.  Everything mocked.”  

The novel was one of her most successful works during her lifetime, and remains a classic of 20th Century and Feminist Literature.  At its heart, though, Orlando is the story of a person in search of their true identity.  This new adaption is written for the stage by award-winning Vancouver playwright Michelle Deines, and will emphasize the theatricality, humour, and journey of the character of Orlando.  This is a work in progress, and there will be a talkback after the reading.

Produced by Working Spark Theatre
Adaptation written by Michelle Deines
Featuring Luisa Jojic, Kirk Smith, and Agnes Tong


Venue: The Founders'Lounge Cabaret
60 minutes
May 28: 5pm

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VENUE - The Cultch:  1985 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC