Upintheair Theatre in Partnership with Urban Ink Present

The Writers Group


Written by Kamila Sediego
60 minutes   -  May 27: 4pm

What happens when someone leaves their home to make a new one?

What happens to the ones who are left behind, and to the ones who only know of what comes after?

Homecoming explores the separation of two Filipino sisters, and the deaths, the duty, and the daughter that keeps them bound together. Jumping across continents and memory, Homecoming examines the abandonment and hope of emigration. It celebrates Filipino culture and what that looks like to a first-generation Canadian. It asks, is home in a place or a person and can you ever really come back? 

Born and raised in Vancouver to Filipino parents, Kamila's work explores the duality of her first-generation cultural identity, the incredible importance of family, and the richness of her Filipino heritage. She is a graduate of Langara's Film Arts program, and has a Creative Writing BFA from UBC. She was Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre's 2015 MSG Theatre Lab finalist, is in her second year with Urban Ink's Writers Group, and is also Urban Ink's newest Artist in Residence. 



Written by Brenda Prince
60 minutes  -    June 3: 4:15


Pinishi, an Ojibway woman remains trapped in a lonely, spiritually dead life in an SRO, (single room occupancy), room in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastide. Her life changes when BamBam, her sweetheart, receives money from a car accident. Unexpected characters help her understand who she really is.

Brenda Prince, AKA, Middle of the Sky Woman, is an Anishinabe writer originally from Winnipeg, Mnaitoba. She has lived in Vancouver,  unceded Coast Salish Territory, for the past three decades. Brenda is a graduate of UBC’s Creative Writing Program.

Venue: The Founders'Lounge Cabaret


Venue: The Founders'Lounge Cabaret

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VENUE - The Cultch:  1985 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC