Upintheair Theatre  & PTC Present a Reading of CR Packer's

The Way You Carry On


Nic and Kelly are estranged sisters who are suddenly thrown together in Nic's East Van backyard. Nic is eight-and-a-half months pregnant; Kelly and her young family are in crisis. From nonmonogamy to abandoned children to complicated childhoods, the sisters grapple with it all on the way to find out what their connection means - is it love, or is it just habit?

The Way You Carry On by CR Packer is currently in development with the Virago Play Series and Heidi Taylor of PTC.

The Virago Play Series
The Virago Play Series develops and produces new plays that explore the breadth of female and trans experience, written by female and non-binary artists. We are a collective of women, some of whom are queer, some of whom are women of colour, committed to putting women and trans folks in positions of artistic leadership, paying them professional wages and facilitating intergenerational mentorship. Our co-producers and core members are Anais West, Kayla Deorksen, Carmela Sison and Alexandra Lainfiesta.

Our dramaturgs for the 2017/2018 development series are Heidi Taylor, mia amir, and Manami Hara. Our playwrights are C. R. Packer, Kanon Hewitt and Brishkay Ahmed. To hear their plays, come to our public reading series July 18 th -21 st , 2018 at Playwrights Theatre Centre.
For more information, find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/viragoplayseries

Written by C R Packer
Venue: The Founders'Lounge Cabaret

65 minutes

Sunday June 3 - 4:30pm

rEvolver 2018 Mainstage Shows

VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC