Upintheair Theatre  Presents Pandemic Theatre's West Coast Premiere

The Only Good Indian

I know you'll stand in solidarity with me, but how close are you willing to stand?

Part lecture, part meditation, and part threat, The Only Good Indian takes a radical look at where our similarities begin and where they end. Each night a different performer straps themselves into a suicide vest – and struggles to rationalize to the audience such an “irrational” decision.

Created by 2017 Siminovitch Prize nominee Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, 2015 Governor General’s Award nominee Tom Arthur Davis, and 2017 Ken McDougall Award winner Jivesh Parasram. Each incarnation of The Only Good Indian recruits a local artist to step into the radical headspace of a suicide bomber.


★★★★ Critic's Pick. “Radical and thought-provoking." NOW Magazine
"Compelling... Unsettling...." - The Slotkin Letter
"Remarkable, almost hypnotic." - Mooney on Theatre
“To state the obvious, they’re a company to watch” - Torontoist

Created and Performed by: Jivesh Parasram, Tom Arthur Davis, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, & Adele Noronha

Produced by Pandemic Theatre (Toronto)


Venue: The Culture Lab
40 minutes

May 23 8:30pm
May 24 7:15pm
May 25 7:00pm - ASL Interpertation
May 26 4:30pm
May 26 9:15pm
May 27 5:00pm

Join Pandemic Theatre for a 30 minute long table discussion in the Founders' Lounge after each performance

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VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC