Upintheair Theatre  Presents Cause and Effects Circus's Production of

The New Conformity

★★★★ “transcends circus performance” - Times Colonist Victoria 

Three of the west coast’s favourite jugglers team up to create an award winning show that is a theatrical social commentary packed with high level circus skills. Contemporary circus arts are exploding all over the world but Canada is largely represented by the Eastern provinces, particularly Quebec. Finally, Vancouver has produced a voice for contemporary circus arts with Cause & Effect Circus. Breaking apart the audience's preconceptions of the juggling arts, The New Conformity uses juggling as the background of a touching story with engaging silent characters and laugh out loud humour. 

The show brings to light a universal struggle of the modern age: the comfort of conformity versus the freedom of individuality all told through tightly choreographed prop manipulation, martial arts and physical theatre. Watch as three co-workers struggle to make it through the day as disagreements over minor details spiral into chaos.


★★★★ “....clever and compelling” ~ Time Colonist Victoria

★★★★1/2 “...had the audience laughing and clapping, bringing them to their feet at the end” ~ Robyn Spilker, CFUV Victoria

★★★★1/2 “...craft materials become enterprising earthworms and beating crows wings and starry galaxies and post-apocalyptic cityscapes strewn with garbage. The ingenuity and artistry on display is breathtaking.” ~ Winnipeg Free Press

Winner: Pick of the fringe Award Victoria 2014
Winner: Joanna Murata Award Vancouver Fringe Festival 2015

Featuring: Ryan Mellors, Chris Myrdock, Yuki Ueda
Created by: Sean Brossard, Ryan Mellors, Chris Myrdock, Yuki Ueda, Sia Metta
Choreography: Ryan Mellors, Chris Myrdock, Yuki Ueda
Lighting Design: Chris Myrdock
Music Editing: Chris Myrdock
Graphics: Yuki Ueda
Web Design: Ryan Mellors

Produced by Cause and Effect Circus (Vancouver, British Columbia)



VENUE - The Cultch:  1398 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC