March 21, 2017


rEvolver Theatre Festival 2017
The Cultch, 1895 Venables Street, Vancouver
May 24-June 4, 2017
Early Bird passes available now, single tickets on sale April 15

Vancouver BC—With a line-up that is as innovative as it is diverse, the fifth annual rEvolver Theatre Festival’s will present fresh and vibrant works created by emerging and early mid career artists. Featuring nine mainstage shows at the Cultch, and three offsite shows from Wednesday, May 24 to Sunday, June 4, 2017, with companion events to be announced shortly.

Three shows from across the country—Halifax, Toronto and Whitehorse—will represent what is happening at the forefront of interdisciplinary live theatre arts in Canada. A co-production by Heist and Theatre Outré, The Princess Show won Best in Fest award at the Atlantic Fringe Festival last year. Haley McGee, who has toured extensively in Europe and UK garnering multiple awards, will bring her one-woman show I’m Doing This for You. Ramshackle Theatre’s Tombstone is a visually stunning all-ages puppet show, the company was part of the festival debut programming in 2013. The strong Vancouver-based contingent at the festival will include premieres by Ode. Movements Society, rice & beans theatre, Cheyenne Scott, and Skinny Walrus Projects.

MAINSTAGE PROGRAM                                                                                                                * World Premiere

·         I’m Doing This for You|  Haley McGee, Toronto

·         The Princess Show|  Theatre Outré/Heist, Halifax

·         Tombstone: A Cardboard Western |  Ramshackle Theatre, Whitehorse*

·         Last Train In  |  rice & beans theatre, Vancouver*

·         (i·m)position|  Luciterra Dance Company, Vancouver 

·         NeOn-ね音-  |  Ode. Movements Society, Vancouver 

·         shiny|  Kelly McInnes, Vancouver

·         SPAWN  |  Cheyenne Scott, Vancouver*

·         Vampires in Barcelona|  Skinny Walrus Projects, Vancouver*


·         All the Way|  O,o,o,o., Vancouver 

·         Habitats  |  Isabelle Kirouac and Nayana Fielkov, Vancouver 

·         Soliloquy in English|  Patrick Blenkarn, Vancouver 

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Under the leadership of Daniel Martin and David Mott, Upintheair Theatre has been producing original and provocative theatre in Vancouver since 2000. The company’s last production with The Only Animal, The City and The City was presented in the 2017 PuSh Festival. Past productions include The North Plan (2016), which won three Jessie Awards in the Small Theatre category, and Inside The Seed (2013), which won Jessie Awards for Outstanding Direction (Small Theatre) and Best New Script. Each spring, the company presents the rEvolver Theatre Festival showcasing contemporary performance work by emerging and early mid career artists.

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Tombstone : A Cardboard Western*
|  Ramshackle Theatre, Whitehorse|
Visually gorgeous, full of wit and humour, anarchy and magic, Tombstone is an all ages cardboard puppet show filmed and projected live on to the big screen, and is Ramshackle Theatre’s follow up to the 2013 rEvolver hit, Sci-Fi Double Feature. Part spaghetti western, part Westworld, and all cardboard, Tombstone will be loved by children, hipsters, parents, b-movie buffs, and anyone looking for a rollicking good time.

I’m Doing This for You|  Haley McGee, Toronto|
A woman travels halfway around the world to give the man she loves the thing she thinks he wants the most. He’s an aspiring stand-up comedian and today is his birthday. The audience is her gift to him and it’s a surprise! Blending storytelling, live-art and improvisation, Haley McGee delivers a spellbinding performance in I’m Doing This for You. Filled with startling turns from the hilarious to the humiliating, this show delves deep into just how far a person will go to not be alone.

(i·m)position|  Luciterra Dance Company, Vancouver|                          
Simultaneously “I am position” and “imposition”, Luciterra’s newest production is a theatrical story of love, conflict, aggression, and sensuality. Identities are lost and found, relationships formed and rejected, and group power structures are re-defined and re-imagined. This narrative is told through Luciterra's innovative dance hybrid, drawing inspiration from each company members’ various training in bellydance, contemporary, and theatre. A unique aesthetic of mechanical robotic movement juxtaposed with sweeping lyrical lines creates a dynamic and elusive style, as unexpected as it is exciting.

Last Train In*  |  rice & beans theatre, Vancouver|  |
Written and performed by award-winning theatre and film maker Adam Grant Warren, who was born with cerebral palsy, Last Train In is drawn from his lived experience. It is not, however, a typical story of disability and triumph over adversity. It is not about finding a way despite overwhelming odds. Instead, it’s about travel, romance, career expectations, and the all-too-human tendency to... embellish.

NeOn-ね音-  |  ODE. Movements, Vancouver|                         
Framed around the revelation of a deep secret within playwright Mayumi Yoshida’s beloved late grandmother’s arranged marriage, NeOn is a look at Love. True Love. Does it exist? Has anyone ever got it right? Why have we all been conditioned to yearn for it? Told through multiple intertwining stories, NeOn transcends generations and continents and language. An “international citizen’s” charming look at what it means to negotiate love on either end of the world. The SHOULDs, WOULDs and COULDs about choice…  and the grace of accepting when there isn’t one. Performed in English and Japanese (with English Subtitles).


The Princess Show  |  Heist, Halifax / Theatre Outré, Lethbridge|
Follow the world's most revered performance artist, Princess Edward, as this bearded, sequined wonder journeys into a world where anime heroes, bass guitarist rock stars and pop epics meld into a music-filled lip-synched thriller where Princess puts it all on the line to save her beloved from the mysterious Beast. Join Princess Edward and her family in this musical lip-synched mash-up of Dungeons & Dragons, Attack on Titan, Legend of Zelda, and Rupaul’s Drag Race, where Princess puts it all on the line to save her beloved.

shiny|  Kelly McInnes, Vancouver
Challenging the women’s beauty industry and standard, shiny combines dance, visual art, sound, and “women’s work” to examine the mass objectification, sexualization and censorship of women's bodies. It is masking of the individual through the bizarre sameness of the beauty standard and magnifies the surreal, grotesque and violence involved in the quest for “perfection”.

SPAWN*  |  Cheyenne Scott, Vancouver                                               
Woven through traditional Coast Salish stories, dance and media, SPAWN transports the audience from deep in the city to the depths of the ocean. Theresa is haunted by the traditional story of the salmon spirit, and the death of her mother who drowned in the Pacific. An unexpected pregnancy causes her disconnected family to reconsider their own choices in preparation of the next generation. SPAWN dives into the struggle to reconnect to culture, community, and land. There is no going back. We can only move forward through the cycle and only the toughest and luckiest complete it.

Vampires in Barcelona*  |  Skinny Walrus Projects, Vancouver|            
The year is 2006. Brian Cochrane is 22 years old, backpacking around Europe, and freshly in love. He arrives in Barcelona first thing in the morning after partying all night on a train from Paris. After struggling to find his hostel, sleeping off part of his hangover, and realizing his one-year of studying Spanish in university isn’t going to cut it in the Catalan capital, his hopes for a quiet and introspective evening are side-tracked when he meets a heartbroken, quadrilingual magician. The magician’s girlfriend has just left him for his best friend. And she’s also a vampire, apparently… But there’s no such thing, right? Maybe if Brian follows the magician’s recommendation and goes to the vampire bar he’ll get some answers…


All the Way|  O,o,o,o., Vancouver|  |  Russian Hall
A hypnagogic game show straddling the worlds of a haunted house and The Price is Right. This partially-immersive, pop-cult, horror-flick-obsessed puzzle invites audience members to dive into a hero's journey… and emerge thrilled and victorious. All the Way rewards the competitor, soothes the dreamer, and delights in the deliciously unconventional.

Habitats  |  Isabelle Kirouac and Nayana Fielkov, Vancouver
Habitats is an interdisciplinary performance for all ages, incorporating elements of contemporary dance, theatre and circus. A woman accompanied by a mysterious white hare travels through dream-like roads in search of her identity. Transforming fear into curiosity and investigating a newfound sense of possibility, Habitats is a poetic work exploring the relationship between a clown and a four-legged stilt dancer.

Soliloquy in English |  Patrick Blenkarn, Vancouver
Soliloquy in English is a book for multiple voices about the language that connects them. In this part reading group, part documentary, and part handmade art object created from the ruins of an Oxford Dictionary, a small group of readers are invited to participate in reading the book out loud, passing it from hand to hand and voice to voice. In doing so, they bring to life a collage of stories about what it means to share and live in the English language today.

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