Upintheair Theatre in Collaboration with Resounding Scream Presents


An evening of Emerging Artists' Works in Progress

Resounding Scream Theatre’s Plunge is a platform allowing artists to pause and share their work at pivotal moments of development, leaving space for reflection, discussion, and re-framing.

Plunge presents works in progress; projects that are in their infancy, that have been put on the back-burner, or are feeling stuck at their current stage. It offers an opportunity for individuals to infuse excitement into their current works. This year, three projects will be selected to present short workshop performances, staged readings or physical compositions of their process thus far. These are not final drafts. Each presentation will be followed by a 15 minute audience talk back facilitated by Resounding Scream Theatre Artistic Director, Stephanie Henderson. There will be time for mingling, networking and hopefully, the conversations around these works will continue.

Lap (working title) 

Sitting, leaning, watching, returning – this first draft of a work begins to explore what it means to wait without knowing it. And wait without knowing what for. Together the performers explore a self-imposed world of physical task and game, slowly journeying through known and unknown worlds.

Charlotte Newman


An experimental musical in development that takes audiences on an aural walk to remember.  Through the re-enlivening of traditional Scottish ballads and the creation of environmental soundscapes, audiences are invited to witness the art of song-mapping.  Using the loop pedal as a tool of remembrance and the body as an instrument of navigation, colonial maps are cast aside, and new ways of moving through place reveal themselves step by step.  As pathways merge, and the compass is abandoned for intuition, this piece asks us to contemplate the depths of our connection to land through song.

Claire Love Wilson

Human. Female. Fringe. 

An examination of social policing through the exploration of familiar odd figures and voices. These figures come forward embracing a spectrum of what femininity is, breaking the mold that limits our opinions on the female figure. We are striving to bring large elements together (design, text, movers/performers) to be fused organically through the performance and audience perspective. Through the use of large scale interactive sculpture, text, and movement it is our hope that an absurd world will be brought to life and fuel personal connections between the audience and the elements.

Carmine Santavenere + Katie Gartland-Close

In collaboration with Resounding Scream Theatre

Produced by Resounding Scream Theatre (Vancouver


Venue: The Culture Lab
120 Minutes
A Free event - (Donations gladly accepted)


rEvolver 2017 Mainstage Shows

VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC