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“By the virtue and authority vested in me: I will now split you in two.” 

Happiness™ is the immersive self-help seminar for anyone who’s ever wanted it all - and is willing to pay for it!

Gather to experience the launch of The Infinity Line™ - HPL™’s answer to universal unhappiness - hosted by two of the company’s most revered spokesmen: James ‘when-life-gives-you-a’ Lemon and Peter ‘more-fun-than-monkeys-in-a’ Barrel. But before long, a glimpse backstage threatens to undermine their shiny exteriors: is this what being happy looks like? Or maybe it’s just about being the least sad person in the room…

Happiness™ looks at our relentless pursuit of just that, and our inability to admit the opposite; taking a beautiful and twisted premise to tear open the dark heart of brainwashing scam-schemes and corporate double speak. 

What people are saying

“...one of the hottest new interdisciplinary troupes in town.”  Georgia Straight

“...causing a buzz with its ultracontemporary take on the Asian-Canadian experience.”  Georgia Straight

“...Expect to hear more from these innovators.”  Georgia Straight


Created by Milton Lim with Aryo Khakpour
Written, Directed, and Designed by Milton Lim
Performed by Aryo Khakpour
Dramaturgy by Natalie Tin Yin Gan
Sound and Media Consultation by Remy Siu

Produced by Hong Kong Exile (Vancouver, British Columbia)



VENUE - The Cultch:  1398 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC