Upintheair Theatre Presents ODE. Movements


"Touching: well conceived and executed..." Plank Magazine

Framed around the revelation of a deep secret within playwright Mayumi Yoshida’s beloved late grandmother’s arranged marriage, NeOn (ね音) is a look at Love.

True Love. Does it exist? Has anyone ever got it right? Why have we all been conditioned to yearn for it? Told through multiple intertwining stories, NeOn transcends generations and continents and language. An “international citizen’s” charming look at what it means to negotiate love on either end of the world. The SHOULDs, WOULDs and COULDs about choice… and the grace of accepting when there isn’t one.

*Performed in English and Japanese (with English Subtitles)

Created by Mayumi Yoshida
Directed by Laura McLean
Produced by Celine Modschiedler, Adele Noronha and Mayumi Yoshida

Produced by ODE. Movements (Vancouver)


Venue: The Historic Theatre
80 minutes

rEvolver 2017 Mainstage Shows

VENUE - The Cultch:  1985 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC