Upintheair Theatre  Presents Rice and Beans Theatre's Production of

Mis Papás

“A wonderful account of true life in 15 rounds”  - CBC 

Years after immigrating to Canada for a better life, Stella and Pedro Sr’s story is rewritten by a life-threatening infection that puts their happily ever after against the ropes.

Mis Papás is a passionate and personal adaptation of the story of two lovers who also happen to be playwright-director Pedro Chamale's parents.  Inspired by the structure of a 15-round boxing match, Mis Papás is a multilingual, and hard-hitting tale of two immigrants whose “happily ever after” has an asterisk put on it. 

Adapted from interviews with Pedro's parents, the play explores the process of emigrating through non-linear narrative and boxing.  Mis Papás is a highly physical piece of theatre combining moments of choreographed boxing and non-scripted sparring between performers. Mis Papás represents a story that most immigrants can relate to but that is often not represented on stage.  With this show, we hope to strengthen our connection to Vancouver's Hispanic community since the show contains both English and Spanish. 

What People are Saying

“... this show jumps from past, to present, to dream state, into the minds of Pedro and Stella Chamale and back. – part English, part Spanish....”  GVPTA Blog

“...the actors all went through intense physical training and boxing lessons...and it shows!”  GVPTA Blog

“...The physical movement, all the boxing matches, the constant switching of scenes, seemed flawless...”  GVPTA Blog

“ ... I want to see more storytelling like this. ” GVPTA Blog


Written & Directed by Pedro Chamale Jr
Sound Design James Coomber
Lighting Design Jessica Han
Costume Design Jessica Hood
Director Apprentice Alexandra Lainfiesta
Stage Manager Emily Neumann
Performed by Derek Chan, Anjela Magpantay, Edwin Perez, Manuela Sosa

Produced by rice & beans theatre (Vancouver, British Columbia)


VENUE - The Cultch:  1398 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC