Upintheair Theatre Presents rice & beans World Premiere

Last Train in

What does it mean to be truly stuck - and how long does it take to get free?

Written and performed by award-winning theatre and film maker Adam Grant Warren, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, Last Train In is drawn from his lived experience. It is not, however, a typical story of disability and triumph over adversity. It is not about finding a way despite overwhelming odds. Instead, it’s about travel, romance, career expectations, and the all-too-human tendency to... embellish.

Moving back and forth in time, Last Train In follows Adam through his first year as a high school teacher in a small town outside of London, England - a year that ends with Adam literally trapped in a UK train station, between two flights of stairs and without an elevator, for over an hour. That’s where audiences find him at the opening of the play. Because now, almost ten years later, there is still a part of him that’s trying to leave that station behind. 

Written and performed by Adam Grant Warren
Directed by Derek Chan

Produced by rice & beans theatre (Vancouver)


Venue: The Culture Lab
70 minutes

May 31 - ASL

June 3rd - Vocal Eye


rEvolver 2017 Mainstage Shows


VENUE - The Cultch:  1985 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC