Upintheair Theatre  Presents After Party Theatre’s

Lady Parts

A satirical feminist sketch comedy show bringing change one expertly timed abortion joke at a time.

Click to access a recorded description

Click to access a recorded description

From the sadistic minds behind the award-winning hit The After After Party comes Lady Parts, a live satirical sketch show like you’ve never seen before.

Described as “Broad City meets SNL when it was still good meets those uncomfortable sex-ed videos they make you watch in grade 6”, Lady Parts exposes and criticizes the very real and very problematic treatment of 50.4% of the population, from large scale misogyny to the day-to-day minutia of existence.

Plus, there will be so many hilarious women showcased. Binders full. In juxtaposition to the scathing humour, Lady Parts includes true stories of the female experience—from the parts our culture forces us to play, to the way the world views us, to shopping for butt plugs. Combining these personal stories with no-holds-barred satire, Lady Parts is a one-of-a-kind raucous celebration of incredible female-identified artists.

Praise for After Party Theatre

“Fucking hilarious. There’s a kind of genius at work here.”

“Fearless, skilled. Endlessly surprising.” - Colin Thomas

 “A belly laugh... Hoffman and Mabberley are comedy gold.” - Erika Thorkleson

 “... a bevy of funny, awkward, crude, rude, and bizarre moments that are laugh-out loud funny.”

“Hoffman and Mabberley are comedic goddesses.” - Mark Robins

After Party Theatre won the Georgia Straight Critic's Pick, the 2016 Vancouver Pick-of-the-Fringe, the coveted Cultch-ivating the Fringe Award, and received a Jessie Richardson Nomination last season for Best Ensemble - The After After Party.

Created by: Katey Hoffman and Cheyenne Mabberley

Performed by: Katey Hoffman, Arggy Jenati, Cheyenne Mabberley, and Agnes Tong

Directed by: Pippa Mackie


May 22 | 9:30pm | burlesque by Scarlet Delirium

May 24 | 7:00pm | stand-up comedian Jackie Hoffart

May 25 | 3:30pm | Nasty Women Improv

May 25 | 9:30pm | drag artist Freaka Nature

Produced by After Party Theatre (Vancouver)


Venue: The Historic Theatre
80 minutes

  • May 22 9:30pm

  • May 24 7:00pm 

  • May 25 3:30pm Vocal Eye Audio Description & Talk Back

  • May 25 9:30pm 

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VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC