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Inside the Seed

Jessie Richardson Awards 2014

Winner: Outstanding New Script
Winner: Outstanding Direction – Small Theatre
Nomination: Outstanding Production of a Play – Small Theatre
Nomination: Significant Artistic Achievement – Small Theatre
Nomination: Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role – Small Theatre

Foster Bryant is a brilliant scientist who has made a startling discovery, which he imagines is destined to save a world teetering on the inevitable catastrophic consequences of extreme overpopulation. He has genetically modified a new strain of rice to ease the suffering of starving and malnourished people across the globe. In the process, his humble corporation has blossomed into the world’s single-largest agribusiness conglomerate. Now, Foster will ship his grain to Africa - free of charge - to save his fellow global citizens. And there is another lifelong dream on the way to being fulfilled: he is about to become a father.

But evidence is starting to arise implicating the grain in a serious genetic birth defect. With the clock ticking on his enormous shipment, with three recalcitrant African nations as of yet unwilling to allow his rice across their borders, with a powerful Senate aide insisting that Foster inherited toxic Army contracts that he must honour through his last hostile takeover, and with potential disaster looming on the most intimate possible front – his unborn child - Foster plunges down the rabbit-hole in a desperate bid to uncover the truth that lies inside the seed…

Inside The Seed was a proud recipient of a Residency at the Cultch in 2012, and benefited from the donation of space in the VanCity Culture Lab to develop the script and design concepts.

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Inside The Seed was presented as part of the Vancouver East Cultural Centre's 2013-14 season, October 2-12, 2013 in the VanCity Culture Lab. The show was nominated for 5 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards and received 2 for Direction and Best New Play!

Playwright: Jason Patrick Rothery
Director: Richard Wolfe*
Assistant Director: Daniel Martin
Sceneography: Jergus Oprsal
Costume Design: Florence Barrett
Sound Design: Jordan Watkins

Cast  in order of appearance:
Patrick Sabongui*
Alison Raine
Mia K Ingimundson*
Carl Kennedy
Tamara McCarthy*
Dave Mott
Adele Noronha
Tetsuro Shigematsui*
Dallas Sauer

*Appears with permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association


VENUE - The Cultch:  1398 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC