Upintheair Theatre  Presents Elysse Cheadle's World Premiere

Fuchsia Future

An absurd portrait of life after loss told through music, existential angst, populist science, and verbatim text from Wikipedia.

Fuchsia Future

Fuchsia Future is a nihilistic musical about a family in the wake of tragedy.

It is inspired by the life and research of renowned population geneticist George Price, who is known for boiling down altruistic behaviour into a neat little probabilistic equation, before losing his mind in an effort to disprove his own findings. 

The story follows George's fictional mother and son after the disappearance of their family patriarch. Ma Price, a relentless futilist and avid bread fan, strives to rediscover her new self without her husband, while her reclusive son Paul concocts voyeuristic suspicions about his father’s absence that involve their elderly neighbour: Mr.Frown

Here’s to the dreaded pink future!


Written and Directed by Elysse Cheadle

Composed by: Elliot Vaughan and Martin Reisle

Produced by Elysse Cheadle (Toronto)


Venue: The Culture Lab
50 minutes

rEvolver 2018 Mainstage Shows

VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC