Upintheair Theatre  Presents Killjoy Theatre’s


A multimedia exploration of body autonomy and non-binary identity in a dystopian future Japan.


Fireflies is a dystopian sci-fi drama set in the conflict zone between the traditional and the futuristic. Amika, a mixed-race Japanese non-binary youth, escapes a fertility centre in Japan to avoid execution for being "mixed-blood". They are forced to leave behind their mother, Yui, a notorious Japanese rebel who gave birth to Amika in hiding after violating mandatory entry into the national fertility program. Amika encounters Suzuki in the forest, a youth who fled his military training camp after questioning its nationalist curriculum. Realizing they have more similarities than differences, they become unlikely allies, working together to free Yui. 

Fireflies was selected as one of the works for Boca del Lupo’s 3.7% Showcase, a night of curated works from female-identified artists of colour.


By: Kanon Hewitt

Produced by Killjoy Theatre (Vancouver)


Venue: The Greenhouse Studio
60 minutes + 30 minute longtable discussion

  • May 25 6:00pm

  • May 29 7:30pm

  • June 1 7:30pm

rEvolver 2019 Mainstage Shows

VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC