Upintheair Theatre  Presents Whells Phargo Productions’

Fake Ghost Tours

A comedy walking tour of Vancouver’s most “haunted” locations.’

Fake Ghost Tours

Amateur ghost hunters/identical twin brothers Abdul Aziz and Shawn O’Hara take you on a 100% accurate and legitimate walking tour of Vancouver’s most definitely haunted locations. Their knowledge will thrill you! Their stories will chill you! Their credentials will confuse you! From the site of the Jon Bon Jovi Massacre to Vancouver’s first ghost-operated business, no stone will be left un-toured.

“The two ‘brothers’ deliver punchline after punchline, leaving audiences laughing uncontrollably while tourists watch on, confused.” —Victoria Buzz

“You know that thing where you make shit up with your friends and laugh yourself stupid? Fake Ghost Tours is just like that.” —Colin Thomas


WINNER Best Duo and Runner-up for Best Comedy at the 2017 Victoria Fringe Festival

Written and performed by: Abdul Aziz and Shawn O’Hara

Produced by Whells Pharo Productions: Shawn O’Hara and Abdul Aziz (Vancouver/Victoria)

Venue: Site Specific Roving
50 minutes


  • May 30 8:00pm

  • May 31 8:00pm

  • June 1 6:30pm

  • June 1 8:30pm

  • June 2 3:30pm

  • June 2 6:30pm

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