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We’re still here! Approaching our 20th Anniversary in 2020, we at Upintheair continue our work to be a positive and hospitable force in the artistic community and our city.

 We’re still growing!  The rEvolver Festival continues to achieve its mission of supporting emerging and early mid-career artists. We premiered A Brief History of Human Extinction by Jordan Hall and Mind of a Snail this October, blending live action, puppetry and technology. For 2019, we are working on a site-specific follow up from our award winning 2015 production, The North Plan, and programming has already begun for the rEvolver 2019.

 We still need your help!  Please consider a monthly donation if you believe in the work we do.

Help us hit our target of $400 per month! Help us reach a new height in pledged monthly donations to $400/month by years’ end. As little as $10 or $20/month can be a huge step towards that – we need your help to succeed! Monthly donations provide vital ongoing support need to deliver rEvolver and our artistic creations.  We are asking you to step up and help us put in place the resources we need to keep providing the services we do.

Your donation can make a big difference.