Upintheair Theatre  Presents Mily Mumford's

Distractingly Sexy

A brief history of women being fucked over in science.

Distractingly Sexy

If Ms. Frizzle had real good dance moves, if Bill Nye had real nice boobs - they’d probably create something like the experiment of (controlled) chaos that is Distractingly Sexy. Join real life scientist (and writer/performer) Mily Mumford for an interactive ultra-funny, quite-satirical, certainly-wild and pretty-darn-sexy history of women in science (and how they have been f%$#ed over for centuries).

“Funny, smart, and, yes, sexy” Meghan Bell, Room Magazine

“Tracing history with barbed wit… Mumford intermingles tales from the past with contemporary observations from her fields.” Janet Smith, Georgia Straight

Written and performed by: Mily Mumford

Produced by Mily Mumford (Vancouver)

Venue: The Culture Lab
75 minutes

May 25 9:00pm
May 27 7:00pm
May 29 9:15pm
June 2 7:00pm
June 3 2:00pm Talkback

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VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC