Upintheair Theatre and The Only Animal Present...

The City & The City


Adapted from author China Miéville’s multi-award winning novel, The City and The City is a highly participatory theatrical experience; equal parts dystopic science fiction, film noir, and murder mystery. Using emergent audio technology, the audience receives clues for actions, text and characterization to bring the story to life in real time.

The City and The City unfurls across Ul Qoma and Besźel, two "split" cities which occupy the same geographical space, but operates distinct social, cultural, and political entities. Conditioned from birth, the citizens in these overlapping cities must unsee one another, and transgressors are disappeared by an invisible police force known only as Breach.

When a young woman is murdered, Inspector Tyador Borlú of the Besźel Extreme Crime Squad is plunged into a perilous investigation that risks kindling long-simmering tensions between the two cities, and provoking the panoptic agents that oversee their now corroding boundaries.

A new co-production from two Jessie award-winning companies, Upintheair Theatre (Inside the Seed, The North Plan) and The Only Animal (,Other Freds, NiX, Nothing But Sky), The City and The City is an immersive, interactive theatrical experience. Like a matrushka doll, the mystery hides another mystery of who you really are, and the city in which you live.

Adapted by Jason Patrick Rothery from the novel by China Miéville.

Directed by Kendra Fanconi

Presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.


Dates Showtimes

Tues Jan 24 & Wed Jan 25 2-for-1
Thur Jan 26 - Sun Jan 29 8pm
Sun Jan 29 -  2pm matinee
Tues Jan 31- Thurs Feb 2 8pm
Fri Feb 3   -   7pm
Sat  Feb 4-  2pm and 8p m
Sun Feb 5 -   2pm and 8pm

100 Minutes. No Intermission

Please note: The February 3 performance is at 7:00PM (previously advertised  8:00 PM).
Post-show talkback: Jan 27,  & Feb 2

Warnings: Coarse Language, Gunshots. All coats and bags must be checked without exception. This show involves audience movement and participation. Audience members will be seated in unconventional seating (i.e. not chairs).

VENUE - The Russian Hall:  600 Campbell Ave, Vancouver, BC