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Burqa Boutique

In the midst of war, a multigenerational group of women take refuge inside a burqa boutique that's free from political allegiances.

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Somewhere in the region of the Middle East/Central Asia - sometime in our recent past - a civil war erupts in a country held together by opposing ideologies. A multigenerational group of women get caught in the middle as the Brother’s Republic Party and the Sons of Jihad clash. The women find refuge inside a burqa boutique that separates the nation into two distinct districts; the District of Noor and the District of Tariq.

The boutique provides a necessary service, hijab for women and girls crossing into Tariq and purchasing hijab from women and girls moving into Noor. Hijab is mandatory in Tariq, hijab is banned in Noor. Suddenly both the women of Noor and the women of Tariq are made to confront the realities of the past and make decisions for their future.

While the men battle for gold and copper, the women debate over identity and faith. Through one long night, Aisha, Hafsa, Zaynab, Khadeja, and Fatima consider their identities, as formed and framed by political parties, while a radio carries them through the battle.

Brishkay Ahmed’s work has been featured in New York based activism art magazine Of Note, as well as the World Policy Institute Blog. Brishkay studied film at New York University, then furthered her education through the Iranian Young Cinema Society. As a writer and filmmaker, she’s drawn to stories that enrage and provoke. Brishkay is the writer and co-director of Afghanistan’s prime time drama series (Tolo TV) Between You and Me. Sharing stories about pressing issues regarding women and girls inside Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran is a priority for her.

Burqa Boutique

By: Brishkay Ahmed

Produced by Killjoy Theatre (Vancouver)


Venue: The Greenhouse Studio
60 minutes + 30 minute longtable discussion

  • May 26 8:00pm

  • May 28 9:30pm

  • June 1 4:00pm

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VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC