Upintheair Theatre  Presents

Brave Space

‘Lean in….’

Brave Space: Increasing Our Capacity For Uncomfortable Feelings

Inclusivity, equity, diversity, privilege, de-colonization. Some of many foundational processes and practices we have been talking about at panels, circles, industry events, classrooms, and even at parties and gatherings. It starts with conversation, which is great, but what happens afterwards? What action affirms and upholds the values set out during that intimate session? How do you create space for you to both be heard and give space for others to be heard? Why is it important to be present and open in such a time of tension?

Brave Space is Jan and Davey Calderon’s offering to you, as they too have the same questions. They are conducting a series of experiments where people express themselves in ways that holds themselves up by their own words. Where attempts are made to not just say, but really try to embody what is being said. This is the start of many sessions for all of us to be together: talking, reflecting, connecting, eating, making agreements, and taking risks to make the change.

Welcome to the Brave Space.

Facilitated by Davey Samuel Calderon and Jan Derbyshire

Produced by Upintheair Theatre (Vancouver)

Venue: The Greenhouse
90 minutes

  • June 2 3:00pm

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VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC