Upintheair Theatre Presents O,o,o,o. in


“That I lay awake for much of the night thinking about various aspects of the performances is testament to O, o, o, o.’s excellence.” - Peter Dickinson

LOOK RIGHT HERE. ALL THE WAY. Big Prize! Glory! You can do it, go all the way!!!! Tickets selling fast get yours before they’re gone. HYPNAGOGIC? YOU BET. As many as you can eat! SOMEBODY PICK UP THESE CHILDREN!

You could win big prizes. Everyone is getting paid. The house is full but there’s always room for one more. Over one hundred people made this happen, not just the same people wearing disguises. You definitely won’t get trapped forever! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

If you fancy yourself the HERO, if you know Sudoku and watched a lot of television especially Buffy you are gonna do just fine. THRILLS AND VICTORIES. SOOTHERS. You Won’t die! Bring your silver bring your axe, this is the time for you. NO CATS especially NOT THIS ONE just a good time and a chance for dreaming. HERO’S HERO’S HERO’s. Don’t you wanna go all the way? YOU CAN.

A hypnagogic game show straddling the worlds of a haunted house and The Price is Right. This partially-immersive, pop-cult, horror-flick-obsessed puzzle invites audience members to dive into a hero's journey… to emerge thrilled and victorious. All The Way rewards the competitor, soothes the dreamer, and delights in the deliciously unconventional.

Take Hastings, turn at Campbell, go on to 600 Campbell, that’s your door! Walk inside, turn right, walk thru the fast-looking portal, it’s for you! Go all the way! No Demons. No the Russian Hall is not haunted. Boo!

Created by Daniel Borzillo, Tara Gallagher Harris, Chelsea MacDonald, Sean Marshall Jr., Jamie Taylor, & Conor Wylie

Produced by O,o,o,o. (Vancouver)


Venue: The Russian Hall (This Show is not on site at The Cultch)  See Map below
60 Minutes

rEvolver 2017 Mainstage Shows

VENUE - The Russian Hall 600 Campbell Street, Vancouver, BC