Upintheair Theatre  Presents xLq’s West Coast Premiere


4 audience members. 1 table. $1000.00 in cash. Limitless possibilities.

An interactive, site-specific game with four players and $1,000 cash – 4inXchange is a pop art business meeting that guides you through a series of dialogues, chances, competitions, and meditations. Use the cash on the table to get to know your fellow participants, while xLq asks provocative questions about value, intimacy, love, and truth. Returns and exchanges guaranteed.

Join xLq (Jordan Campbell and Maddie Bautista), two fabulous genderqueer aliens, for an experience of exchange and exploration guided by meeting facilitator Katherine Walker-Jones. Gather around a table containing $1000 in cash. Use the bills to get to know your fellow audience members, dive into the bizarre, and discover the cash in ways you could never have imagined. 4inXchange culminates in a unique payment process; be sure to bring some cash of your own.

xLq and 4inXchange make their West Coast debut following a sold-out 35-show run in Toronto.

“In this playful and insightful interactive piece that prompts a critical rethink of money and capitalism, four participants are led into a room containing $1000 cash. The process is very entertaining ... and will have you thinking deeply about your relationship to money, all while getting to know the other three audience members through this quirky financial lens.” -Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine, NNNN


Now Magazine Audience Choice Award (SummerWorks 2018)

Now Magazine Review by Jordan Bimm (NNNN)

Commissioned and developed with the support of Nightswimming

Created and performed by: Jordan Campbell, Maddie Bautista, and Katherine Walker-Jones

Produced by xlq (Toronto)

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Venue: Offsite
70 minutes

SPECIAL ACCESS NOTE: 4inXchange takes place at a non-wheelchair accessible site. The show includes climbing three sets of steps to access the performance. There is no lift available.

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SEATING LIMITED: Maximum 4 participants

  • May 31 4:00pm

  • May 31 7:00pm

  • June 1 3:30pm

  • June 1 5:30pm

  • June 1 7:30pm

  • June 1  9:30pm

  • June 2  3:00pm

  • June 2 5:00pm

  • June 2 7:00pm

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VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC