Upintheair Theatre  Presents Theatrecorps & The Cascadian Institute of Cultural Design World Premiere


‘A play from the ruins’


In April 2011, the Syrian government opened fire on its citizenry, ending four months of peaceful protest and beginning eight years of war. Civilians became soldiers, suburbs became rubble and highways became siege lines. The resistance that started then continues to this day. Playwrights Rebal Magrbhi and Ibraheem Shaheen were there. 404 is based on their experience.

404 asks: what would you go to war for?

On the outskirts of Damascus, three men drive a “reappropriated” T-72 tank into battle against the regime. They’ve just met each other, and they’re here for contradictory reasons. Dakham is an Islamist fighting to install a government that's more his style. Maharajah is a leftist fighting for democracy. Abu-Moddar is the son of an army officer… and, in his mind, a pacifist. As their surroundings become increasingly deadly, the trio must resolve their differences if they hope to prevail—or simply survive—in the oncoming battle.

404 is the story the Western media couldn’t find. The story of a rebellion.

Director/Co-Writer: Rebal Magrbhi

Playwright: Ibrahim Shaheen

Sound Designer: Matthew Ariaratnam

Producer and dramaturg: Alexa Fraser and Matthew Winter

Production Manager and Technical Director: Matthew Horrigan

Produced by Theatre Corps (Vancouver)


Venue: Site Specific Off Site: Havana Theatre - 1212 Commercial Drive Vancouver
80 minutes

NOTE: 404 is performed a 10 minute walk away from the festival main venue.

  • May 25 8:00pm

  • May 29 8:00pm

  • May 30 8:00pm

  • May 31 8:00pm

  • June 1 8:00pm

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