Upintheair Theatre  Presents Raina von Waldenburg's

12 Minute Madness

Arched backs, open hearts, and raunchy groins - the dark and hilarious inner world of a sexual abuse survivor.

Meet Linda Kunt (a drunken social worker), Little Nazi (a burlesque babe with big dong), and Smoker (who invited her?). These and many others live in my head. I know, freaky. But your psyche can explode when your own grandpa sexually abuses you. Hey, I'm Marlena. This is a true story of 12 twats and a harp.

“Heavy stuff, but the subject matter is handled in a fashion that includes a great deal of humour coming from the 12 female cast members.” The Vancouver Sun

“Dark but beautiful” – The Real/Darryl eric-abel.com

“Don’t Miss this Show” Beatroute Magazine

Written/choreographed/directed by Raina von Waldenburg

Produced by Centre for Embodied performance (Vancouver)


Venue: The Historic Theatre
45 minutes

May 23 9:30pm
May 25 7:30pm
May 26 3:30pm Talkback
May 27 8:30pm

Content Warning
12 Minute Madness contains representations of violence and sexual abuse, as well as strong language, nudity and non-toxic smoke. Audience discretion is advised.


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VENUE - The Cultch:  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC