WELCOME TO OUR REBRAND! Upintheair Theatre has a new look!

WELCOME TO OUR REBRAND! Upintheair Theatre has a new look!


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rEvolver Festival 2019

May 22 - June 2, 2019

The Cultch, 1895 Venables Street, Vancouver

Vancouver BC—East Vancouver’s rEvolver Festival, now in its seventh year of presenting innovative, interdisciplinary productions from diverse voices in the Canadian live performance community will run Wednesday, May 22 to Sunday, June 2, 2019 centred at The Cultch.

The 12-day festival will focus on presenting new works—critical, comedic and quirky—by emerging to early mid career artists. With nine main stage productions in its line-up, the festival also includes three site-specific experiences, three companion events and one offsite show. Featuring an eclectic collection of artists and characters with productions and events that will make audiences think, laugh, delight, and at times cringe—and provide a platform for reflections on contemporary concerns.

Productions from Toronto will explore friendship and identity on the dance floor in Body So Fluorescent, orgasmic hallucinations in MR. TRUTH and gambling culture with a twist in 4inXchange—with its own unique method of payment. Vancouver artists will examine alternative families in AWKWARD HUG, YouTube dance videos in Contemporary Dance Solo, satirical feminist sketch comedy in Lady Parts and laugh-out-loud gender-bending physical comedy in LARRY. Stunning tiny puppetry will be created in my dear Lewis, California surf culture and the WWII Jewish diaspora will be tackled in Other Inland Empires and Surveil will take a view on the pervasive undermining of privacy by technology.

At Havana Theatre, 404 will uncover a tense battle between ideologies set in Damascus, and off-site presentations include Fake Ghost Stories—a tongue in cheek walking tour of haunted landmarks—and Perfect Strangers will pair strangers for a unique walk in the neighbourhood.

The Updrafts Reading Series will return with plays-in-the-works by five BC playwrights and new companion events include The Killjoy Play Series with three new plays by emerging female and non-binary writers, and Brave Space, a unique event asking how we can increase our capacity for uncomfortable feelings.

Upintheair explores issues and ideas examining the contemporary world around us. With a keen eye on the immediate future, we foster possible futures by producing theatrical works of speculative fiction and by supporting the next live performance generation - those who see it, those who make it, and those who do it.


Speculative Fiction [ˈspekyələdiv/ ˈfikSH(ə)n/]

 Noun:   Narrative exploring real and important ideas about what is happening in the world right now, through an intelligent eye on the near future.


Formal Innovation [ˈfôrməl/ ˌinəˈvāSH(ə)n/]

Noun:   Artistic experimentation in untried or risky content, issue or idea, writing style, genre, and/or staging.

rEvolver 2019 Early Bird Passes are on sale until the end of the month.

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