The ta Gueule Reading scheduled for May 30 in the Founder's Lounge has been resheduled for 3pm.

Nous Voir Nous - 3pm May 30, 2015


What happens when the conventions of theatre (stage, auditorium, lights, silence from the audience when an actor first enters the stage) aren't there to protect us? How do we make our acting believable and possible in the real, living street? How can we consider the audience to be an acting partner as opposed to a passive participant?


Dave and I are stoked to be able to announce the programming for the first ever rEvolver festival! This festival features some remarkable artists and shows both from here in Vancouver and nationally. Its so rewarding to move closer to production of this new festival that we've been conceiving for the last year. From Walking Fish to Neanderthal Arts to rEvolver, it feels like the pace of evolution (haha) in our company has been relentless over the last few years. Here we go again ...  See you in May! - Dan